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We Stand with Lesley

Congressman Ed Perlmutter

Phyllis Albritton

Michele Ames 

Lorraine Anderson, RTD Board of Directors 

Norma Anderson, former State Senator and Senate Majority Leader

Patti Askew

Pres Askew

Ray Baker

Jane Banzin

Bob Banzin

Cindy Baroway, former Lakewood City Council member

Ron Benson, Wheat Ridge community leader

Bill Bottoms,

Betty Boyd, former State Senator

Anne Burkholder

Steve Burkholder, former Lakewood Mayor 

Deb Carpenter

Michael Clark

Felix Cook

Shelley Cook, former Arvada City Council member

Lisa Cutter

Jessie Danielson, State Representative

Dana Ellis

Jim Ellis

Jill Fellman, former treasurer, Jeffco Schools Board of Education

Ken Fellman, former Arvada Mayor

Rich Ferdinandsen, former Jeffco Commissioner 

Bob Fifer, Arvada City Council

Bob Frie, former Arvada Mayor

Shawna Fritzler

Sara Gagliardi, former State Representative 

Alberto Garcia, Westminster City Council

Liz Geisleman, business leader

Jane Goff, Colorado State Board of Education

Corinne Gray

Irene Griego, CU Board of Regents

Lily Griego

Dana Gutwein, Lakewood City Council

Karen Harrison, Lakewood City Council

Kathy Hartman, former Jeffco Commissioner

Marcia Hughes

Rachel Hultin

Cheri Jahn, State Senator

Joyce Jay, Wheat Ridge Mayor

Kelly Johnson

Chris Johnson

Moe Keller, former State Senator 

Chris Kennedy, State Representative

Andy Kerr, State Senator

Tammy Kerr

Karen Kellen, former Lakewood City Council member

Gregg Kildow

Sue King, former Lakewood City Council member

Ann Knollman

Tracy Kraft-Tharp, State Representative

Jeff Lamontagne

Jonna Levine 

Sue Marinelli, former Jeffco Schools Board of Education President

Ron Marquez

Laura Miller, former state representative

Dot Miller, Arvada City Council

Ranger Miller

Linda Morton, Former Lakewood Mayor

Mark McGoff, Arvada City Council 

Marta Murray, West Metro Fire Rescue Board of Directors

Dave Norwood

Steve O’Dorisio, Adams County Commissioner 

Mary Parker

Adam Paul, Lakewood Mayor

Hereford Percy, former director, Jeffco Schools Board of Education 

Joanie Percy

Brittany Pettersen, State Representative

Emma Pinter, Westminster City Council

Pipefitters UA 208

Jennifer Reeve

Tom Reeve

Linda Rockwell

Mary Ross

Bill Ross

Ericka Salerno

Marilyn Saltzman

Sandy Baca-Sandoval

Euell Santistevan

Shakti, former Lakewood City Council member

Sue Schafer, Former State Representative

Marjorie Sloan, Golden Mayor

Pat Smart

Marti Smith 

Jim Spaanstra

Tammy Story 

Support Jeffco Kids

Cassie Tanner, West Metro Fire Rescue Board of Directors

Kris Teegardin, former Edgewater Mayor 

Stacey Teegardin

Dave Thomas, former Jeffco District Attorney

Casey Tighe, Jefferson County Commissioner

Kiki Traylor, former State Senator

Sharon Trefny

John Trefny

Nancy Tucker

Max Tyler, former State Representative

Leah Varnell

Shermita West

Pauline York

Rachel Zenzinger, State Senator

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